Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A photo a day for a year?

I don't do new year's resolutions, but I do like mini goals. I've stumbled across several people's collections of project 365 on flickr.. but I don't want to join flickr, I have this crazyinthehead thing where I hate yahoo and I refuse to join up with their flickr because dammit, they are against the letter 'E' in its rightful place. They've usurped E and I'll have none of it. The last straw was when they wanted me to use their "flickr upoladr". No sir. So I'm doing it here instead. A separate blog is just the ticket. Here is where I will post one photo per day until Jan 12, 2011. Plus, if I post it all here, it won't distract from the very very important things that I have to say over at Coffee & Zombie Movies.

I have all kinds of ideas about what I want to do here, and I've been making up rules for myself and saying them out loud as I type like a whispering madwoman and this is the most critical project of all time (isn't it?)... but I know that I'll end up eating my words and flake out on them if I post them. So no rules (unless I change my mind), I've gone ahead and deleted them all. I've stuck it to the man (um, who incidentally is me). I suppose the whole project will evolve itself. The point here is not so much to dazzle the world with my mediocre photography, but really to just follow through.

People may or may not even care a lick about this. I'm doing it for myself anyway- well, and you if you're interested, however, you're here and still reading so I'll take that as another soul won. Score!

So Photo ONE eh?? How intimidating.


  1. Neat. I was thinking of doing this for this year as well with my flickr account, but I missed the beginning of January and figured it was a bust. Who says you need to start on that particular date! Go Michelle. I look forward to watching your photographic journey.

  2. Also, I've had that very same thought about driving past people's windows and looking in. TOTALLY not creepy if doing it from a (non-creepily slow) moving vehicle... Right?...

  3. Yah, that lttr E thing rally bothrs m .
    I like mini goals.

  4. Way too cool. Another Hellachella grand one that I will have to steal.

  5. Kate-Right. I especially like it when it's dark out and people leave their curtains opened. Then you can even judge their wall art/color.

    SHST- E needs to be respected.

    Loudmouth- Well don't forget that I stole it first.