Sunday, May 30, 2010

Photo One Hundred Thirty Nine

Today, we flew kites!


  1. What an awesome photo! Looks like a painting. What effect did you use?

  2. Photoshop.

    In the bottom layer, I took out almost all of the color and adjusted the color channels until it was almost a black & white sillhouette, keeping the reds & blues with the color replacer tool.

    Top layer, i adjusted the levels and added a soft glow, then fiddled with Ben's silhouette, erasing at about 20% at a time until I had it how I liked it so that it wasn't just black & white. Then I adjusted the tone & saturation so that it was a little purple. After that, I reduced the opacity of the top layer so that the silhouette layer would show through a bit.

    Then I merged them and adjusted the contrast and levels to bring out the details in the clouds.

    So no easy peasy one click effect :p

  3. This is the unedited photo: http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m36/Hellablog/IMG_7910.jpg

    Oh yes, I also added a warming filter @ about 10% when it was merged as well.

    Just a lot of fiddling & adjusting things I guess?