Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photo One Hundred Fifty Four

FAIL! I didn't take a photo yesterday.. Not ONE, except a picture of a map to my house for my daughter's invitations- which I'm not going to be posting on the internetz. So here is a photo from 30 seconds ago, when I remembered that I have let all 3 of the people who actually look at this blog down. I call it, Spectacular Morning Hair.

My hair is waving at you. You're welcome.

PS. I'm taking another photo later or else I'll get all behind and stressed out.


  1. Wow... what a let down...
    My life has lost all purpose.
    Way to go Bern, you ruined Christmas (or should I say $$$?).

    Luv the hair.

  2. u missed a day? i'm sooooo... dissapointed in you

    *kidding* :)